Ronaldo Received A Warm Welcome At Al-Nassr

RIYADH: Cristiano Ronaldo described himself as a “unique player” and insisted that his career is not over yet after a warm welcome at his new club near Saudi Arabia early this morning.

The 37-year-old Portuguese star said he had done his best in Europe and was hungry for a new challenge as he was greeted with fireworks and cheers at Al Nassr’s Mrsool Park stadium.

A five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or as well as five Champions Leagues, signed a reported 200 million euro deal until June 2025, shortly after parting ways with Manchester United.

“It’s not the end of my career by coming to Saudi Arabia. This is why I changed, honestly, I don’t worry about what other people say,” said Ronaldo.

“In Europe my work is over… I have received many offers in Europe, many in Brazil, Australia, the United States, even in Portugal,” he said.

“Many clubs tried to sign me but I gave a promise for this club.”

The 25,000-seat stadium erupted in excitement as Ronaldo, wearing Al Nassr’s yellow and blue jersey, walked onto the pitch and paid tribute to the fans.

His girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, who was wearing a traditional dress, the abaya or robe that Saudi Arabian women usually wear, followed him behind with their children.

“I’m a unique player. It’s good to come here, I broke all the records there (Europe) and I want to break some records here,” Ronaldo said.

“I came here to win, to play, to have fun, to be part of the success of this country and its culture,” he added.