Greenwood, Man Utd Agree To Split

LONDON: Manchester United and Mason Greenwood have jointly agreed for the forward to leave Old Trafford after he was charged with facing criticism, the club announced on Monday.

The 21-year-old forward has been suspended by the Premier League (EPL) since 30 January 2022 for being charged with having an affair with a young woman after his images and videos were posted online, but investigations into the case were not continued.

Prosecutors said last February that they dropped cases involving the attempted robbing and sexual assault that resulted in Greenwood following the withdrawal of witnesses and new evidence being found.

However United, citing today’s facts, said: “Everyone involved, including Mason, went through the trouble of continuing their careers at Manchester United.

“It was agreed the best way for him was to leave Old Trafford, and we are now working with Mason to achieve that goal.”

Greenwood, whose contract expires in June 2025, said: “I did not do what was charged against me, and in February I was acquitted of all charges.

“The best decision for all is that I will continue my football career not at Old Trafford, when my presence will not be a hindrance for the club.” –